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You will Learn:

  • Practice and hone motorcycle handling and slow speed skills on your own bike
  • Increased knowledge of lane positioning, intersections, traffic awareness and pro-active riding strategies
  • Situational awareness and safest riding approaches in a variety of riding environments
  • Effective residential riding techniques
  • Business area and higher traffic area techniques including multi lane intersections and lane changing
  • Safest highway riding techniques including entering, riding along, lane changing and exiting 400 series highways
  • Practice and polish curve riding techniques
  • Group riding techniques
  • Camaraderie and enjoyment of shared riding experiences



What you will learn
M2 Exit: M2 To M Training

The M2 Exit Course is for the rider with an M2 Class Licence and some motorcycle riding experience, who is ready to upgrade to their Full M Licence. Our curriculum is MTO approved, and our MTO certified instructors will work with you to further develop your on road skills and safety. 

To qualify for the M2 Exit Program, riders must have a valid M2 Licence that has been held for a minimum of 18 months if you took an MTO approved motorcycle safety program to obtain your M2, or for a minimum of 22 months if you did not take an approved training program.

This 9.5 hour course involves three and a half hours of classroom theory, and six hours of practical, on road time with participants using their own motorcycles.

The riding portion of the course begins in the parking lot, where, with coaching, riders will practice and demonstrate some basic motorcycle handling and slower speed skills.  Riders then progress onto public roads, accompanied by instructors with radio communication. Groups are small, with a student to instructor ratio of four to one, providing you with lots of individual coaching.

You will experience riding in a variety of traffic environments including residential, business and expressway settings, while receiving expert, real-time advice. Instructors provide structured lessons and lots of feedback to help riders develop pro-active safe riding strategies and increased situational awareness. You will enjoy the camaraderie of other riders and increase your experience, confidence and skills in advanced road techniques such as group riding, curves and entering and exiting 400 series highways.

Our instructors are all long-time riders with many years of training experience, who are trained and certified by MTO to deliver M2 Exit instruction and testing.

M2 Exit (M2X) Licence testing takes place on the same day as the training. The road test is approximately 45 minutes long and is conducted on an individual basis. With successful completion of the road test, you will you will be entered into the MTO’s electronic system as qualified to upgrade to your full M.

After the test weekend you will need to visit an MTO DriveTest Centre to complete the upgrade to M Class, with no further tests or fees.

See the “Register Now” page for the schedule.

Maps of our locations can be found here.

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“First STOP with crying out loud, I read some negative feedback below from Sam and some other people this is the motorcycle course is not doctor degree! Learn to ride bicycle first than ebike than motorcycle I let my m2 expire two times I took this course 11 years ago with Mike and Vassa and I took my m2 Exit this weekend this guy is one of the best in the business. Not only I got my licence I took some safe riding skills Home I was able to Let go some bad habits and sharpened my advance riding skills. Don't talk bad about the school. You're there to learn life saving skills on your 2 wheel not for love kind and care (mommy boy) Last: we are bikers we do loud we yell we scream because we care about the fellow biker. This school is one of the best. this guy knows what they doing I recommend it to anyone who is considering. I went back to them 11 years later for Good reason Thanks guys keep up the awesome job Bill Ian and all the other staff Cheers”

- Jason  (Google)
May 27, 2018

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