Learn to ride from the professionals at MTOhp

You will Learn:

  • Basic skills of putting on a helmet and walking a motorcycle
  • Balancing and braking the motorcycle
  • Electric and kick starting
  • Moving off and stopping
  • Gear shifting
  • How to ride through curves safely and in control
  • Slow speed skills useful in parking lots and heavy traffic
  • Acceleration and deceleration in curves and straight-aways
  • Signaling
  • Defensive traffic behavior including shoulder checks and lane positioning skills
  • Life saving skills such as emergency swerving, emergency braking and decision making


What you will learn
M1 To M2 Training

At MTOhp, students will gain confidence in operating today's motorcycles safely and effectively. The curriculum, as developed by the Canada Safety Council, starts off with the very basics such as properly putting on a helmet, walking, and starting a bike before progressing to more advanced skills such as emergency braking, swerving, negotiating curves at speed, clutch control, and slow-speed riding.

The skills students will practice, on small-displacement non-intimidating machines provided by us, directly translates to larger motorcycles. While the riding portion of the course does take place entirely in a parking lot, we'll do our best to simulate real-world riding and traffic situations, including simulated emergencies.

Students will be put into groups and enjoy an overall maximum 5 to 1 student/instructor ratio. The instructors you will be paired with, will stay with you for most of the weekend. They will address any bad habits returning riders may have, and teach first-time riders the good habits that will soon become second-nature. All lesson objectives are clearly explained, justified, demonstrated and coached to successful individual completions.

At the end of the training session students will be given a riding skills test. Individuals who pass this test receive a graduation card. Students with a Class M1 will receive documentation to allow MTO to endorse their permit as a Class M2 after the 60 day minimum time they have held a class M1.

Maps of our locations can be found here.

Canada Safety Council's

Canada's source for Motorcycle Rider Training since 1974.

“I have nothing but great things to say. I came with very little riding experience and left feeling very comfortable with all the skills I learned over the weekend. The instructors are all extremely knowledgeable and patient, providing you with the confidence and skills you need to get yourself out on the road while staying safe. Will definitely be back when it is time to get my M. Thanks guys!!”

- Mike G (Google)
Apr 9, 2018

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