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What to Bring

To Class:

  • A valid Class M2 or M Licence, motorcycle ownership and insurance documents. 
  • Students under 18 must have a parent or guardian with them for the first portion of the first classroom session to sign the release waiver.

For the Riding Course:

  • A valid Class M2 or M Licence, motorcycle ownership and insurance documents. 
  • A legal, minimum DOT approved helmet
  • A leather or textile motorcycle jacket
  • Sturdy gloves with a minimum of a leather palm
  • Riding pants or sturdy jeans
  • Motorcycle boots or other sturdy leather boots that cover the ankle.
  • A street legal, road worthy motorcycle or scooter, which is capable of attaining highway speed of 100 kilometres per hour.

As the course operates rain or shine, it is recommended that students bring rain gear.
If you choose to wear a helmet without a visor, eye protection is recommended.

For safety reasons, students who are not wearing the appropriate equipment will not be permitted to participate and will be withdrawn from the course. For safety reasons, students riding an illegal, not roadworthy or mechanically unfit motorcycle will not be permitted to participate.  If students are withdrawn under these circumstances, they will not be entitled to a refund of fees.

FAQs - M2X Retest

Please read all of the following content and related links as you are responsible for understanding it.

Most of the information addressed in the M2X FAQ is applicable here. Please refer to those FAQs also.

How long is the retest course and what is in it?

What is the fee?

Please explain the Register Now M2R Retest Course list?

What happens if I am still not successful?

How long is the retest course and what is in it?

Saturday or Sunday midday – 11:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. during the lunch period of an M2X course weekend. The test will be the same as you were exposed to before. Please bring your regular M2 driver's licence, vehicle registration and insurance and of course your motorcycle. Only one student will be accepted for any particular retest interval.

What is the fee?

The fee is $125 plus HST, payable by Amex, MasterCard, & VISA. This course is non-refundable. Transfer fee for this course is $75 plus HST if arrangement is requested a minimum of four (4) days prior to beginning of their course. On-line registration only

Please explain the Register Now M2R Retest Course list?

After you register and are in our system you will be on a first come first offered wait-list. You will receive a phone call/text/email within 48 hours to arrange an actual test appointment

In the Register Now area you will see only one course offering with a date range of the entire season - this is the entry you want.

What happens if I am still not successful?

You may want to consider taking the M2 to M course again or use the Ontario DriveTest services.

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“I just completed the M1 training course to achieve my M2 this past weekend and I cannot say enough great things about the trainers in the Oakville Sheridan course. Where do I start? I had ridden for about 2 years before having an accident and haven't gotten back on in about 10 years. I had apprehension about even sitting back on a bike, let alone completing emergency breaking and swerving maneuvers, but within the first few hours of my training, I recognized the incredible professionalism and patience the instructors had that would push me outside of my comfort zone with a gradual approach. My specific group instructors were Al, Brad, and Bilal ... I couldn't have asked for nicer, more patient instructors. They have answered every question I could think of and helped me get over the block I had since having my accident. The other group had fabulous instructors as well, but my time with them was limited (John, Cool John, and Al). Ian was always there to round out the conversation and set expectations and helped us become confident riders. The tendency to beat myself up over small mistakes would have cost me the whole weekend ... most specifically, big Al, Brad, and Bilal helped me get through that piece. I still have a long way to go with my comfort level, but I am much more confident in hopping back on with the knowledge and skills I have gained over this weekend. Thank you, Al, Brad, Bilal and Ian ... a SERIOUSLY fantastic job this weekend!!!”

- Nicole N (Google)
May 6, 2018

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