Learn to ride from the professionals at MTOhp

You will Learn:

  • Basic skills of putting on a helmet and walking a motorcycle
  • Balancing and braking the motorcycle
  • Electric and kick starting
  • Moving off and stopping
  • Gear shifting
  • How to ride through curves safely and in control
  • Slow speed skills useful in parking lots and heavy traffic
  • Acceleration and deceleration in curves and straight-aways
  • Signaling
  • Defensive traffic behavior including shoulder checks and lane positioning skills
  • Life saving skills such as emergency swerving, emergency braking and decision making


What you will learn
More M1X Riding Time

This course is a supplement to the main M1 to M2 Training program. Students taking this option will be merged in with the main M1 course. Please see the M1 to M2 pages for the main content information.

The primary purpose is to refresh and deepen the skills learned in the main course. Students seeking more coaching, more riding time and more confidence will appreciate this course option. This course will also appeal to students who have taken any CSC M1 to M2 course and may not have ridden on the street afterwards, perhaps due to lack of a motorcycle.

Students who have taken the MTOhp or Sheridan course within the last two riding seasons may attend. The student have the option of attending the complete Saturday and Sunday portion or may self select their start time depending on their needs. For example if you did well on the Saturday basics but want more time on the curves or emergency work then starting at Saturday at the end of lunch or Sunday morning may suit you needs.

If you attended another college or CSC program within the last two riding seasons then we request that you complete the entire weekend including the Thursday night classroom. This longer requirement is so that you experience the complete MTOhp content. If coming in from other than MTOhp you will need to show proof of successful completion of the CSC M1 program.

The riding test on Sunday afternoon is at your option and is included in the cost. If you have not successfully completed the program before then this is the chance to earn your CSC Grad certificate. Students who have not completed the MTOhp M1 program may see this as a better, more relaxed option to complete the course rather than the shorter M1x Retest course that has less practice time.

MTOhp students from a prior year who were not successful will find the extended riding time beneficial.

See the “Register Now” page for the schedule.

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“I had a wonderful time this past Sunday finishing up my M2X training. Ian and Bill are very knowledgeable instructors and are there to help you along the way. They will gladly answer your questions or concerns and demonstrate by diagram or bike. I highly recommend the M1X and M2X training to anyone thinking about riding. These courses are intended to help you improve as a rider. Both M1X and M2X cover the fundamentals of riding and should be taken seriously for your safety and those around you. Best of luck to those who take the courses, stay safe!...P.S. If you can't take constructive criticism about your riding ability, consider horseback riding. You're given five years from receiving your M2 to get the full M license, so learn to ride and don't complain if an instructor calls you out. Cheers”

- Alex G (Google)
May 29, 2018

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